i met a published author….


So I was wondering around Austin the other day and I looked up and saw this striking red-head…. I thought to myself… “I know this woman…she looks familiar….” 

Lucille Ball? 
Addison from Grey’s Anatomy?  
Ginger Spice? 
The Weakest Link Woman? 
Conan O’Brian?  
NO!!! it’s famous NYC Blogger turned author turned Austin blogger STEPHANIE KLEIN!!  
Luckily I didn’t make a goof of myself… I nicely introduced myself….asked how she was doing and she immediately is like… “OMG.. are you single?!?!” …which I had to admit to…. “YOU HAVE to come to my book release party this Tuesday…. Hot Dogs, Chocolate, Vodka and hundreds of single beautiful women!!! What more could you want?!?!” 
So we chatted and shot the breeze for a while and she finally gave me her card and I told her I would be at her book release party this Tuesday! 🙂 should be fun! 
in case you don’t know who Stephanie Klein is…she started the UBER blogging of 2004/2005…. she is definitely the Carrie Bradshaw of bloggers…which turned into a book deal – “Straight Up and Dirty” and is releasing a new book all about the Fat Camp she went to…. 

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