Netflix vs. Blockbuster


I’m having a dilemma….. I think I HATE Netflix…. sigh…. they seem to “receive” my movie five days after I mail them and seem to take another four for me to actually have them in my mailbox.  🙂  

Maybe I’ll go back to the day when that lovely chubby woman at Blockbuster used to hold movies aside for me she thought I’d like and I’d come in and we’d chat…sigh… I loved the nerdiness of it… but I like the look and feel and phone capability of the Netflix queue better.  I’m a nerd…..

One Response to “Netflix vs. Blockbuster”

  1. 1 crossmyts

    Man, I totally feel your pain. I have had Blockbuster Online and Netflix online. Both. Netflix has a better selection. But sometimes I mail stuff and they don’t realize I did, as you’ve said. Which annoys me cause I need a new freakin’ movie. I also miss the romantic lore of the video store. I had a FAV privately own rental place near my house where I have rented horror films since childhood. It just closed down, and a piece of my heart left with it. I understand your love of the dorkdom. I just visited a comic book expo two weeks ago and I never feel as ‘at home’ as I do when I am there. My name’s Will. Hope to hear from you sometime. Check out my blog at crossmyts.wordpress. Right now I write movie reviews. I’m totally new to this blogging world. Looking to make friends. Peace.

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