real world: hollywood


So don’t make fun of me but I did in fact watch the first episode of The Real World: Hollywood.   Ha!  Many of you may remember my flirtation with a stint on the show…. so I wanted to tune in and see what my potential roommates would of looked like….


MTV really has I believe officially thrown out the whole idea or concept of having this represent real life and show people work around issues and instead have subscribed to having a debaucherous-drinking-palooza!  

So sad….

I feel you could do quite a bit with the show.  Have them dealing with issues that people our age (18-26) are dealing with in America in the year 2008….. or how many bars they can go to in a fourth month period.  

I do have to admit that I used to watch the show quite a bit.  My favorite seasons were New Orleans, Hawaii, and Austin.  At least with Austin they had an Iraqi veteran and a Black Power person.  The Hollywood cast?  There’s a woman who wants to be a “news” anchor on Inside Edition or Entertainment Tonight.  GAG.  I found a great article from the Huffington Post on it…as well as one of the best quotes…. 

“Really, MTV? A stripper and a personal trainer? Isn’t that what True Life: The Jersey Shore is for?” 

One Response to “real world: hollywood”

  1. 1 crossmyts

    Dude. I totally agree. Awesome Post. I say, let’s watch it just to laugh at. Ha. I love guilty pleasures. I also loved Real World New Orleans. Fantastic.

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