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So weird observation today…. I’m minding my own business, going to Safeway to pick up my new favorite drink (Black Cherry FRESCA!!! mmmmmm….) and on the way in there are two political petitioner people out front. Both of them look at me, look at the grandma walking in next to me and they approach her. […]

One of my fav sites on the planet is one that many people don’t know about.  Let’s say you’re stuck at work without your amazing CD by the transcendent Vampire Weekend (you seriously should check them out) life is looking down at that point!  Well point your little mouse over to SEEQPOD.COM.  it’ll change your […]

minding my own business today….  i see this….. …i flipped

Ok. SO. To start off…. what was on Paula’s wrists?! Are they some sort of psycho-treatment of some sort. Second. I feel bad for David Archueleta’s ‘girlfriend.’ She’s become the most LOATHED person in every pre-teen and teen girl’s life.  Can we smell death threats?  FIRST up.. Ramiele — “Alone”: GAG. KILL ME NOW.  Carrie […]

i found these and HAD to put them up…even though I’m not quite physically or mentally prepared to write my “animals in clothes” blog..but it’s coming… but here’s a preview! 🙂 

OH MY GOSH. This is by far the HIGHLIGHT of my week! Thank you my CRAZY friend Mr. Duncan for sending me this!!! 🙂  via Duncan’s Website and his Blogger “How many passes does the team in white make? Test your awareness and DO THE TEST!” (p.s. I got it right the first time)

peep show


it’s a peep show ya’ll…..  🙂 HEHE…..