do i look like a scary democrat?


So weird observation today…. I’m minding my own business, going to Safeway to pick up my new favorite drink (Black Cherry FRESCA!!! mmmmmm….) and on the way in there are two political petitioner people out front. Both of them look at me, look at the grandma walking in next to me and they approach her.  Ok.  Whatev.  I’m walking up and down the aisles steaming over this as this is about the fifth or sixth time this has happened to me since moving to Denver from Fort Collins.  I began conjuring all the pre-determined thoughts these retired-need-a-life petitioners are thinking of me as.  A punk?  A blase twenty-something?  Is it because of my earring that scares these people?  Or is it my gigantic toothy smile I give them as I walk past? Anyways…I’m stewing and stewing and getting mad and finally as I’m leaving I loiter around the entrance feigning interest in flower beds.  Nothing.  NADA!  I finally asked a cart puller inner (that HAS to be the worst job EVER!) what was going on…and she’s like.. “Oh it’s some McCain thing..” …. whew!  I guess their judgements of me are correct! 😉

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