black guy asks nation for change


So I was walking downtown yesterday and looked over at the newsstand and I saw a picture of Barack Obama and this headline that caught my eye…. 

“Black Guy Asks Nation For Change” 
I almost died laughing! It of course was from The Onion. Here are some of my fav excerpts:
  • “‘I’ll be honest, when that black man said he would ‘stop at nothing’ to get change it kind of scared me.” 
  • “It is estimated that, to date, the black man has asked every single person in the United States for change.” 
  • “Why’s he so eager for all this change?  What’s he going to do with it, anyway?”
  • “He just stood there smiling at us for a while, and asked how our food tasted.  Then he went and did the same thing at the next table over.  The nerve of some people.” 
  • “‘What a wacko,’ Schaumburg,  IL resident Patrick Morledge said. ‘And, of course, after telling us all about how he had the ability to magically fix everything, he went right back to asking for change.  Typical.'” 

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