american idol recap 3/25/08


Ok. SO. To start off…. what was on Paula’s wrists?! Are they some sort of psycho-treatment of some sort. Second. I feel bad for David Archueleta’s ‘girlfriend.’

She’s become the most LOATHED person in every pre-teen and teen girl’s life.  Can we smell death threats? 

FIRST up..
Ramiele — “Alone”: GAG. KILL ME NOW.  Carrie Underwood did it better a couple years back. Please stop thinking you’re so good when really you ain’t. I would start packing your little Hello Kitty! suitcase.  2.5/10
Jason Castro—-“Fragile”:  Is it just me or does his ‘hippie roots’ (and by ‘hippie roots’ I mean his ‘herbal extracurricular activities’) become more and more apparent every time he does an interview?  I couldn’t love it more.  I think he’s funny, warmhearted and I personally enjoyed the performance.  He totally is that guy in college that just got done playing ultimate frisbee, grabs his friends who are kicking around the hacky sack, takes a swig from his Nalgene and sings the song he created for his girlfriend that works at Whole Foods.  It’s my comfort music.  6.5/10
Chikezie—“If Only For One Night”: My hatred for this guy started pretty early on.  I believe when they started ONLY using his first name and not even putting up his last.  That ALMOST bothers me as much as people that have a potential first name as their last name (i.e. Michael Scott, John Robert, etc) . OH three good things though, his mom ROCKS, cute baby pictures, and OH he doesn’t have that far to travel tomorrow when they send him packing….being obnoxious: ratings, having a cool mom: good for life, but that walk of shame from Hollywood to Inglewood, CA: priceless. 4.5/10
David Archuleta—“You’re the Voice”: Tonight proved one thing to me….. SOMEONE rescue this boy from that guy with the goatee and is ALWAYS wearing a baseball cap.  Honestly, his scary stage dad is now choosing horrendous songs for him. Sigh.  I still have faith in you lil’ David! That footage of you dancing as a little mariachi guy with your sister when you were young scored points with the Spaniard in me. 🙂 Psss…hey David, don’t tell the American public you’re in a relationship…take it from someone who knows…you gotta make ’em think you’re available! P.S. Thanks to you David, my mom and I somehow got involved in a 20 minute discussion on Castrato. 6.5/10
Kristy Lee Cook—-“God Bless the USA”: OMG. I’m scared to say this….. I kinda liked it. Haha. Ok, so before you accuse me of getting prepared mentally for my Austin trip (6 days left!) it was solid and I enjoyed it. So sue me. 🙂  7.5/10
My predics for bottom three—
  1. Chikezie (seeya!)
  2. Ramiele
  3. Carly

2 Responses to “american idol recap 3/25/08”

  1. 1 Duncan

    ahem… no poll for McCain? Im not gonna vote for him… or the other two, but lets keep this objective!
    Lemme just say that David Cook was the scariest baby I’ve ever seen! No wonder his skull is so huge… you’ve got to put that ego somewhere!

  2. 2 Timon

    Umm.. it is objective. Objectively to the left. 🙂 It was a DEMOCRATIC poll…but thanks I’ll put it in anyways. Ha! he was a scary baby!!

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