so i want a corgi


So I’ve decided that I want a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  My good friend Heather has a Corgi now and had a sweet little Corgi that passed away due to China’s wonderful way of regulating dog food. 😦 

Wikipedia had some of the strangest information about Corgis. For instance, Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend has one, there’s an Anime Cowboy Bebop one as well as the good ol’ sexy Queen Elizabeth has SIXTEEN of them!   A performance artist on May 30th, 2007 cooked and ate some Corgi meat on TV in protest of Prince Phillip’s hunting of foxes. 
 WEIRD.  Take the following example: 
Fox vs. Corgi

 I think I know which one is cuter.  Let’s all take our Corgis for a long walk while our fox stew is sauteing….


Interesting Corgi Facts: 
“Favored dog by British royalty for more than seventy years.”  I’m thinking that since I do have a castle in my families name (which strangely has a B&B attached to it) that I definetly have royal blood in me somewhere.  Some conquistador that traveled the countryside of Spain looking for a Green Chile Burrito perhaps…but the royalty would have me innately liking Corgis and having a royal bond with them. Just a bizarre thought. I like that Wikipedia says: “This little dog is friendly and playful, although it has been known to nip at people’s (especially children) heels either in play or in an attempt to herd them, due to instinct.” 
I LOVE a dog that innately will bite children and try to herd them all together… bwahaha….

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