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So my goal is for the general public to use these three words throughout the week…. I’m going to use them in every conversation I am in.  Even if it’s with the bank teller. 🙂 1.  Meshuga   (muh-SHOOG-uh) adj. Crazy; insane. 2.  Obsequious (ob-SEE-kwee-us) adj. Servilely attentive; compliant to excess; fawning. 3. Tryst (trist, […]

Saw this painting at my fav vegetarian restaurant in Denver…. WATERCOURSE!!! It’s a buffalo giving a squirrel a canteen! How sweet! Go visit the restaurant… it’s GREAT…and ask for Kelly Rae… she’s my cousin! 🙂

So I went to my cool Parcel bag today to get some of my new favorite diet pills and….. they weren’t there……. I went to the fridge…. NO Diet Coke….. I couldn’t believe it… and this is what I looked like….  I actually did start singing the song… 🙂 

this dog gets major props from me…. he figured how to create and design a ball launcher so he could always play catch! ……and that is why he is my hero…. 

there is an entire site dedicated to Babies With Glasses!! BIZARRE!! 

So I was walking downtown yesterday and looked over at the newsstand and I saw a picture of Barack Obama and this headline that caught my eye….  “Black Guy Asks Nation For Change”  I almost died laughing! It of course was from The Onion. Here are some of my fav excerpts: “‘I’ll be honest, when that […]

wii kitty!!!


Two of my favorite things combined in one…. wiikitty!!!