the N64 kid


How did I miss this video last week?!!? AMAZING… this could have been me… but i was never this obnoxious… I always did the shy , aw-shucks thing while opening presents.

The guy who was the cashier at CVS kind of… well… ok… he DID have Kate Gosselin’s haircut. UGH. SCARY. BLAH! 🙂 Crazy hair!

WOW. Like…. WOW.  I can’t believe this guy’s bid for the showcase!! haha! That’s probably something I would do– a brand new car, a painting and a new vacuum… $300,000!!! Haha! Check out Bob’s reaction, or for that matter the audience’s! 🙂

I must see this movie. MUST.  Perhaps it is because I am in the middle of my Advertising program here at UT-Austin, but I am ALL consumed with everything dealing with advertising.  This movie is no exception.  Especially the fact that TBWA/Chiat/Day is my DREAM agency! 🙂



Ok… my birthday is in late August… BUT until then.. start saving up money because I want a red panda. Seriously. I’ll name him Coco Scarferton.

I have to admit. I was a bit overwhelmed and not very impressed by the amount of location based check-in iPhone apps.  I tried so hard to give Foursquare a fighting chance.  I became the Mayor of so many fun places… then one day I looked at my phone and asked myself — WHY?! It made no sense.  I had heard of Gowalla, since it was created in Austin and I’m so on top of technology, but it seemed like another useless one.  My good friend Duncan, who now lives in Berkely and works for Pixar (!!!), told me to give it a second chance.  Ok.. Ok… I’ll try.  I have to say– I’m addicted.  It’s nice because you have to be actually physically in the spot tocheck i (unlike Foursquare) and you get to pick up and leave items for others! You get badges, pins, etc. You also can go on special “Trips” for instance this Austin Bar Crawl….

Perhaps I’m as sucker for good graphics and an AWESOME UI.

LOVE this song!! Why have I not been listening to this group earlier?!?! GEEZ!! Love this song… video is ok… but the song! WHEW! Go download it!

P.S. I rock at chess btw. I am putting out a challenge to anyone!